What our customers have to say about us

'Paul is a consummate professional who, due to his impressive history in the field, has a gift that is rare among IT people: he manages to explain complex IT concepts to a layperson in clear and understandable terms without resorting to a load of jargon. Paul's knowledge instills confidence and he knows those "tricks of the trade" gained only with experience. His input and advice has been of immeasurable value in IT investment decisions, and a few minutes of his intuitive problem-solving have saved me hours of downtime.'

Engaged Cyberlink Business Services on numerous occasions over many years, and will do so again if needed

'Paul of Cyberlink Business Services was introduced to me some 8 years ago when I required the assistance of a qualified computer expert.
We operate our Whale Watching Tourism business from a fishing village some 160 kilometers from Cape Town where the power supply and the telephone systems were extremely unreliable. Breakdowns and power surges were the order of the day. In addition to the standard computer requirements I also wanted to produce whale films and photographs on my computer.

Paul was able to not only set me up with the right computer for the job, the correct programs, but also taught me how to do all that I required on my computer. He has continued to support me since his move to the UK.

His knowledge, service and backup was without parallel here in the Cape. Since his move to the UK last year I am still unable to find anybody who is able to give me the service, backup or the know-how that he so willingly gave me.'

First Hired Paul as an IT Consultant several years ago, and on many other occasions since then

 'At a point when I was about to turn my back on the IT Industry, a colleague highly recommended Paul, at Cyberlink Business Services, as the definitive solution to my problems. Indeed, Cyberlink Business Services was able to do what the others had failed to do and successfully addressed my problems, within both budget and schedule. Over the ensuing decades, I have relied upon Paul, at Cyberlink Business Services on many occasions; one of the more notable was the establishment of a complete office network from server through networking (LAN and WAN) to numerous workstations while the contractors were still busy completing the office construction. Then he himself went the extra mile to travel to site, over a holiday weekend, to support application testing as the business systems were installed. Now That Is A VALUE-ADDED Service and why I will always rely upon Paul and Cyberlink Business Services.'

The Director - Ukathula Group Pty Ltd

We also have such documented comments as:

'Very pleased with work and speed of response'
'Very impressed with service and help provided'
'Very grateful for the help'
'Great service - arrived at specified time and gave effective and courteous service'
'Friendly and professional service. Would use again'
'Excellent help given'
'Efficient and courteous service - will not hesitate to call again'
'Brilliant service, help and advice was extremely clear'
'Very informative and helpful'
'Brilliant and thank you'
'Good friendly service with understandable explinations'
'Superb service - will use again' (and subsequently has!)
Explained well in simple language what was wrong'
'Not computer minded, everything explained extremely well. Excellent service. Thank you'
'Very, very helpful. Quick service'
'Very helpful, as usual'
'Impressed with service. 5 hours from phoning to problem solved. Will use again'
'110% satisfied with service and speed with which it was done'
'Excellent service, as usual'
'Extremely helpful and easy to understand throughout session. Paul’s attitude made me feel confident and “in good hands”. Polite and personable. I’d call again if necessary'