Why we can do what we do

With over 30 years of professional IT Industry experience, Cyberlink Business Services has been solving computer problems for major corporations and individuals alike. Our small systems proficiency extends back to the days when PCs first became commercially available. How far technology has come since then!

Our Operating Systems expertise covers PCs, Servers as well as Networking. Holding quantifiable, world-class skill sets extending from the original DOS and DOS-type operating systems through to the latest Windows release and from NT4 through to Server 2008.

Cyberlink Business Services is committed to helping people get the most value from their existing computer infrastructure software and hardware. We have helped with stand alone PCs, laptops and business servers controlling an office network. We have cleaned up and tuned systems, optimising and maximising their efficiency and overall productivity by keeping their technology effective and reliable.

Cyberlink Business Services has specialised in helping the home, SOHO, specialist and SME corporate computer user. Our clients are typically accountants, solicitors, bookkeepers, farmers, manufacturing companies, tourism-related businesses, training centre, retailers, accommodation establishments, film makers, schools, brokers, estate agents, wholesalers, and individual home users.

Cyberlink Business Services also creates and administers websites. We currently support and administer both local and international websites.

Cyberlink Business Services has an established network of value-added capabilities – highly trained and qualified specialists, experts in their particular fields upon whom we can rely, if and when necessary.

A Member of the Reepham Business Network